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    The WATCHU has only been tested by us with the CPR Chameleon SIM – as such, we cannot guarantee any other SIM card will work with the WATCHU

    If you choose to use your own SIM it is important to ensure the plan includes VOICE minutes AND Data (minimum usage 30MB of data per month)

    If you are using you’re own SIM card for the WATCHU you will likely need to update the settings on the watch to match those of your SIM card provider

    To set the correct APN settings to the watch you will need to send an SMS text message from a mobile with the appropriate code below, the SMS should match the code EXACTLY with no spaces and be sent to the WATCHU SIM telephone number

    If the settings have been accepted by the WATCHU you will receive a SMS response reading “APN set OK”

    US Customers

    In the US, aside from OUR CPR CHAMELEON SIM, the only other confirmed working 2G network is T-Mobile

    Provider SMS to send to WATCHU number
    T-Mobile (US) #862182,STAPN:epc.tmobile.com,0,0,0.0.


    UK Customers

    If using the provided SIM and connecting for the first time does not work, or if you changed back to the included SIM, use the CPR Chameleon SIM settings

    Provider SMS to send to WATCHU number
    CPR Chameleon SIM (included) #862182,STAPN:globaldata,0,0,,0,,,,,


    Provider SMS to send to WATCHU number
    Vodafone – Pay As you Go #862182,STAPN:pp.vodafone.co.uk,0,0,,0,,,wap,wap,
    Vodafone – Contract #862182,STAPN:wap.vodafone.co.uk,0,0,,0,,,wap,wap,
    Asda Mobile


    #862182,STAPN:everywhere,0,0,,0,,,eesecure,secure, #862182,STAPN:everywhere,0,0,0.
    O2 – Contract #862182,STAPN:mobile.o2.co.uk,0,0,,0,,,o2web,password,
    O2 – Pay As You Go #862182,STAPN:payandgo.o2.co.uk,0,0,,0,,,payandgo,password,
    giffgaff #862182,STAPN:giffgaff.com,0,0,0.0.
    TalkMobile #862182,STAPN:payg.talkmobile.co.uk,0,0,,0,,,wap,wap,
    Tesco Mobile – ALL SIMS #862182,STAPN:prepay.tesco-mobile.com,0,0,,0,,,
    BT Mobile #862182,STAPN:btmobile.bt.com,0,0,,0,,,bt,bt,
    Virgin Mobile #862182,STAPN:goto.virginmobile.uk,0,0,,0,,,user,,

    French/Finland Customers

    Provider SMS to send to WATCHU number
    Free Mobile (France) #862182,STAPN:free,0,0,,0,,,,,
    Provider SMS to send to WATCHU number
    DNA (Finland) #862182,STAPN:internet,0,0,,0,,,,,


    If your provider is not listed, or the settings do not work, contact your provider to confirm 2g APN settings then contact our support team on:
    or by phone on:
    USA Customers: 408-872-6822 Available from: Monday – Friday / 4:00am – 2:00pm EST
    UK Customers: 0800 652 7780 Available from: Monday – Friday / 8:30am – 7:00pm

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