Inserting a SIM

Don’t forget! If you’re in the UK we’ve already inserted your SIM for you. (CPR Chameleon SIM)

If you’re in the US or Australia you will need to purchase a SIM that supports 2G connection.
US – We recommend T-Mobile Prepaid standard SIM (Does not work with “Wearable” sims).
AUS – We recommend Vodafone.


If you have received a replacement SIM from us, or simply want to change network provider you can change the SIM by:

1. Open the SIM tab as shown below

2. Push the existing SIM in gently, then release (it will pop out of place)

3. Carefully remove the old SIM and keep it somewhere safe!

4. Following the diagram below carefully, insert your new SIM and gently push into place. You will feel it click into the socket.