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    The WATCHU Kids/Guardian App map screen displays the current tracking mode in real time and the last known position of the Guardian watch.
    The WATCHU uses three different forms of tracking technology which it relays from the watch to the App user via the cellular network. GPS, WiFi & LBS. Please note only one of these is used at any one time depending on the location of the watch and whether it is being used in an indoor or outdoor environment. 
    GPS is the most accurate form of location. Please note that GPS only works outdoors. The Guardian requires a direct line of sight connection to a minimum of three Geo Positioning Satellites to communicate its location.
    When the Guardian watch is unable to provide tracking location via GPS it will attempt to provide location tracking via WiFi to relay its position. This information will be relayed to the watch user via the cellular network.
    LBS (2G)
    Location Based Services works indoor and outdoor, it’s known as LBS and uses a (Cell Tower/Mobile Phone Mast) to relay information.
    When the Guardian is unable to provide a location via GPS or WiFi it will use LBS.
    LBS shows the location of the (Cell Tower/Mobile Phone Mast) that the Guardian is currently connected to. Please note this can be quite some distance from the physical location of the Guardian watch at that point in time.
    The App provides location tracking information based primarily on GPS data and allows you to evaluate historical tracking data for an accurate perspective of where the watch has been.

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